IonGearTM Battery Powered Heated Vest

  1. High collar, handy front pockets, and zipper closure
  2. Temperature controller fits inside upper left pocket
  3. Durable, water-resistant softshell exterior and soft fleece interior with black cotton-poly elastic trim
  4. Electric heating elements in front and back with a 7.4V battery pack
  5. Runs off of a Li Polymer battery
  6. Designed to allow for maximum user mobility 
  7. All heating elements are completely removable making washing easy
  8. Available color: Black
  9. Duration: 4-9 hours depending on temperature setting
  10. 3 settings ranging from 104 degree F to 140 degree F. 



IonGearTM Extra Battery

  1. Compatable with the IonGear Vest
  2. Lasts up to 4-9 hours, depending on temperature setting selected
  3. Charger not included with additional battery purchase


IonGearTM 12v Adapter Kit

  1. Designed to allow for maximum user mobility
  2. Kit allows the user to connect their IonGearTM Vest directly to a 12V battery or 12V plug.